Full Soul Realignment


THE PURPOSE OF A SR SESSION is to assist you in seeing your life experience from a Soul perspective. You will recognize your Soul level gifts & characteristics that have shaped you this lifetime. You are able to witness yourself as a Spiritual Being in a Human Experience…

THE SECONDARY PURPOSE is to remove Energetic Blocks & Restrictions that may be hindering you from fully embracing your highest path & purpose.

During the prep of the session I will access your Akashic Record.

The information will be gathered and the clearing performed prior to our session together, either in person (allow up to 60 mins) via phone. You will also receive your Personal Profile & Reading Booklet to take away and keep for your future reference.

SR is an extremely effective but gentle Healing Modality.

Many have experienced life changing results to due ACTION they have taken resulting from their SR session..

The Akashic Records are a fifth-dimensional, energetic database.

Through Soul Realignment®, people experience a profound transformation in their life experiences. They begin attracting new experiences. They create more of what they want. They break through to a new level of spiritual growth and evolution.

Improve Your Life. Today!

Sometimes in life, we get the urge to shake things up a bit, break the mold, and totally recreate our lives to better match our current state of consciousness.