Meet Kathy

Meet Kathy

Born in England, at 32yrs Kathy moved to Golden Bay, New Zealand with her hubby Steve & 3 children, Kieran, Kai & Chloe, where they spent 13yrs followed by 4yrs in Nelson.

With both Kathy & Steves love of travel & new experiences and cultures, it was time for a new adventure.

In February 2018, they made the courageous move, with their daughter Chloe 19 & her partner. Sadly, saying Goodbye family (sons Kieran 24 & Kai 20), many friends and successful businesses, moving to the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

“From an early age I have had the intuitive sense of READING others energy, a sense of ‘knowing’ what they were FEELING”

Upon landing on the sunny of shores of Golden Bay in 2000, life amongst the Healing and Spiritual community took off with great speed. Kathy studied many different modalities and her Intuitive abilities were set free.

Her own self-belief & confidence had kept her back for many years from fully stepping out from her conservative career in the Hair & beauty industry, since the age of 17yrs.

Kathy, like many Healers, had the terrifying fear of being judged within members of her extended family and community. In the past, Kathy would take 2 steps into the sea of spiritual healing, followed by 3 steps back to the safety on non-judgment.

Finally, in 2011, after completing her Soul Realignment (SR) Practitioner level 1 & 2, she had found her platform in which she could deliver her Intuitive Healing work with confidence. It began to became quite clear to Kathy that her Clients wanted to continue to work with her after their SR sessions, to further implement their Soul Gifts with clear actionable steps, guidance & support to create the life they truly desired. So, in 2016 Kathy embarked on a year’s study with ‘Inspired Sirit Coaching Academy’ (ISCA) & achieved just that.

Kathy’s love of learning, personal growth has kept her on a path, always striving to be the best she can be, living her life in an honest, authentic, caring nurturing way & living from her Heart space.

“Having a very open heart & a trusting nature has not been without its struggles. Upholding my personal boundaries is my greatest challenge… it’s created some hurtful experiences but great lessons throughout my journey. That’s my makeup, that’s ME and I wouldn’t have it any way. Expressing my Soul Gift by living from my Heart Space”



Kathy’s Life has not been without the many challenges, medically, physically, emotionally & spiritually but she remains very open to sharing her experiences with her Clients, wherever its deemed appropriate, to both empathize and share her journey & courageous steps forward.

Kathy’s goal, working with you, is to bring a Holistic, Synergistic approach to Healing whilst SUPPORTING, GUIDING & EMPOWERING you to live the most authentic expression of your Divine Gifts as possible.

Kathy’s ‘pathway of study’ since her Beauty & Hairdressing training in 1996…

Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue & Remedial Massage Therapy, Holistic Pulsing, Myofascial Release Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Theta Healing, Soul Realignment Practitioner level 1 & 2, Spiritual Healing, Past Life Regression Therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Inspired Spirit Life Coaching. So far!!!