Words of Gratitude

Kathy thank you so much for your precious gift!! Overwhelmed with gratitude for this Soul work .If you really want to know who you are in this lifetime and what influences and supports you on a multi-dimensional level to help with your human life potential I can highly recommend booking a session with Kathy !!! You are in for surprises and a treat! Arohanui Wikitoria Oman

Wikitoria Maori Healing Practitioner & Maori Tours Facilitator

Rotorua, NZ

I’ve been to see Kathy for both massage and a soul realignment. Both fantastic! I didn’t know quite what to expect from the SR however was blown away by the experience. Kathy has a way of making you feel calm and relaxed in all settings, whether it be her massage work or hearing and working on deeper issues thru SR. Thank you Kathy! Appreciate all that you do. Xx

Beck Metcalfe

Stoke, New Zealand

Kathy has an amazing intuitive gift to connect with you as a Client. She is caring, understanding, honest and of such a nurturing nature. My world has been turned around since my Soul Realignment session and Inspired Coaching Package. My life is back and track. So many thanks to you. 


Wellington, New Zealand

Kathy was amazing and intuitive when she did my soul realignment. Really spot on and it was thought provoking. It gave me sense of peace and understanding. I also had regular massages that complimented the SR workI’ll definitely go see her again. Thank you

Rachel Perot

Nelson, New Zealand

Wow, Wow, Wow, what can I say this work is fantastic and Kathy you are an Angel xx 

As a quiet, private person it took me a while to say YES and launch into this soul work but when I did…  

So many interesting tools and techniques to implement in my everyday life, just Knowing my souls wisdom and understanding my Soul Gifts has been a life changer. Clearing blocks has made life so much smoother and my depression and lack luster has vanished. I would recommend this very gifted lady to all. Such a lovely presence to be in


Christchurch, New Zealand

Kathy has an amazing intuitive gift to connect with you as a Client. She is caring, understanding, honest and of such a nurturing nature. My world has been turned around since my Soul Realignment session and Inspired Coaching Package. My life is back and track. So many thanks to you. 

Miranda Manopoli

Mapua, New Zealand

Amazing session with Kathy! So peaceful and relaxing yet creating so much awareness in my body highly recommended! Can’t wait for my next session  

Sarah Nyssen

Nelson, NZ

I’ve been suffering from a sore back & shoulder this past week so I reached out to Kathy at Body Soul Harmony for some TLC. She made me feel instantly relaxed…from the foot soak on arrival, to the warm towels & soothing music. She listened to my complaints & tailored my massage to provide relief to just the right spots. She was not only knowledgeable & understanding but she really did make me feel special when I was feeling particularly poorly. I enjoyed it so much I booked in again less than week later! 

Victoria Thomas Ashcroft

Nelson, NZ

I was getting massages from Kathy monthly when she was in NZ. She welcomed me with arms wide open and I felt so extremely comfortable talking to her about anything that I was struggling with at the time. During my massages Kathy would pick up things emotionally and physically and guide me through. Kathy is incredible with the work that she does, she has made such an impact on my life, allowing me to open up to more happiness and positive changes.  Thank you for making such a positive change in my life Kathy. You are truly wonderful with incredible healing hands. . 

Sam Brown

Nelson, NZ

Kathy is amazing! I love my massage and energetic sessions with her She is such a nice, warm and loving person which makes each visit super comfortable and I always leave feeling so relaxed and my soul soothed 🙂 In fact last night I had the best sleep I’ve had in 3 weeks after seeing Kathy earlier in the day. . 

Amanda Sears

Nelson, NZ

“Kathy was an amazing and inspiring massage person (I miss her!).  She is a strong caring person and definitely knows how to locate those tricky places in your body.  I loved her gentle and inspirational attitude to life, to me” 
Well done Kathy and you are missed over here, lucky them over there!! 

Wendy Logan

Nelson, NZ

I was very blessed to be gifted a treatment session from Kathy’s draw for a “deserving person”! 

Sitting in a lovely chair having a wonderful foot spa for the first few mins and allowing myself to relax after arriving straight from work was just what I needed in order to be able to really enjoy the full treatment experience! 

Kathy is completely in tune with what your body needs, plus my stress levels were at an all time high. My treatment was truly divine! We discussed how deep the massage should be and because of my medications I have bruised sometimes with previous massages. I had a fantastic massage with not a bruise in sight! I floated out of there feeling wonderfully relaxed and beautifully cared for! Thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful lady

Robyn Ferris-Maxwell

Richmond, NZ

I was very fortunate to have won a massage with Kathy. 
I found being in her presence very comfortable and energizing, this in my view is very important.. 
I have had a few massages over the years but found this one to surpass the rest. 
It was divine, and I feel fantastic! Again, thank you so much Kathy 🙂 

Karen Bowe

Nelson, NZ

Kathy is so talented at what she does – I’ve had the most relaxing massage this week from her and I felt absolutely amazing and relaxed afterwards. I can’t thank you enough and would totally recommend as you won’t be disappointed 🙂 

Lizzie McLellan

Nelson, NZ

Kathy was in tune with my body and knew that one part was not very happy with being pulsed. I love how Kathy is able to offer a custom styled approach to your well-being and enjoyment. Will be making an appointment very soon. 


Richmond, NZ

Prior to meeting you Kathy, I had never placed much value on massage. After coming to you for my first appointment, that all changed. You helped me to achieve complete relaxtion on a level that was foreign to me as a mother. I began to see my time with you as a therapeutic need instead of a ‘treat’

Not only were your massages capable of taking the rough edges and smoothing them out for me. But I also looked forward to our enlightening conversations. You always helped me with those important perspectives and insights that many of us never think about. Nelson has suffered a huge loss since you left, but you are following dreams and for that reason I’m so so happy for you. Thank you for everything Kathy. You’re one in a million x
Cara Gedhill

Nelson, NZ